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Wedding Meme!

(Got this a long time ago, so I forgot where exactly I took this from, hehe...)

Wedding Fantasy Meme!
♥ I'll tell you what my wedding/marriage fantasy (or fantasies) were/are~ ♥
♥ Comment back with what you think, and maybe tidbits of your own fantasies ♥


The fantasy of my wedding?
Where to start, haha xDD

Okay, when I started even thinking about marriage/weddings should be right.
So, that'd be... around 7th grade? Lol.

My fantasy was that I would be married to a man taller than me with the last name "Choi" (Not that I think Koreans are the only good husbands, haha) with a low tenor voice, and the ability to cook.
My wedding dress would be a strapless white vinyl dress, with black (or hot pink) tulle underneath, a belted waist and a crumb-catcher Empire waist. I would be wearing red stilettos, and the wedding party would be in an airplane hangar dressed up to the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

My engagement ring would be a black diamond, and my hair would look like this.
(This is scarily specific for someone who barely thinks of marriage, eh?)

My reasons for such fantasies?

Last name of "Choi" - I just really like how "Choi" sounds, lol.
Low tenor voice - It sounds so sexy
The ability to cook - I will not be the wife of a man who does not know how to feed himself.
White vinyl wedding dress - I like quirky, eccentric things that people wouldn't usually think of wearing to their wedding.
Red stilettos - The classic, haha.
Alice in Wonderland - My favourite Disney movie (and now one of my favourite Johnny Depp movies, lol).
Black diamond engagement ring - For the same reason as the wedding dress.
Hair - Short is cute. Hehe.

Okay, I told you mine! Now tell me yours!
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To all of the idols I love, I hope whatever disputes, whatever troubles, whatever unfortunances you have or may have will turn out for the better! I pray only for your happiness in the near future and beyond.

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Passions of My Addiction (Shiwon POV)

This is a short side-poem that is supposed to accompany my fic Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, but both can be read on their own :)
I thought this was too short to be posted as an actual fanfic on my writing journal so here it is on my main :)
Enjoy, I guess? Haha~

I will bring you into myself
With your skin underneath my mouth
I will devour you, take you as mine
Colour you red with my passions
Mark you bruised with my loving
Your ravished throat will burst from my name
While you skin burns, scarleting
Trembling deep with my fervence
An addiction that I fancy
Well enough to dress with my fire kisses
Oh, you are a rose in my hands
Velvet crushed in my grasp
Blood red our union
Your vision, captivation of the goddess
On the other side of this reflection fantasy
Skin and body beneath mine
My lips still tasting the sweetness
Of your lovelust complexion
Marking you mine
No, my lovely, we are not quite finished yet
This whisper itself
Under my lips I feel your blood jump
My Snow White

Oh yes, we most definitely are not done yet
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To Jongwoon, or Yesung as you are known nowadays

Where to start...my words fail me again, haha
How do I pour all my thanks into words...it's really quite difficult.

Anyhow, I will try. Here I go.

Three years ago, I was 12 years old. And along with the preteen ness I was familiar with DBSK...through them I came to find you, and through you I found Super Junior. Although I'm grateful for my admiration of DBSK to lead me to you, I am sure that even without them, I would have come to find Super Junior and then find you.

I really think that I have never come across a person as eccentric as you are. Although it wasn't that that caught me at first, to be honest.
I first saw you in the music video for Miracle. After which I, in my love of all cute things, came to like you most. And your name was the first I learnt in my journey to discover Super Junior.

What kept me attached to you, was your voice. Like angels? I don't know how else to describe it, but your voice certainly belongs in a choir of angels. The emotion in your song entranced me, and I was enthralled to the point where, your voice inspired a dying dream of mine.

In my mind, there was a singular thought; Just like you could move me so strongly with your voice, I would move others just the same.
In another part of my mind, there was another wish: I wanted to sing on the same stage as you.
An improbable dream, but there was the tiniest chance that maybe, possibly, I could do this. I would become a mover of hearts with my voice, just as you have to me and many others countless times.

When you laugh, I always feel the need to laugh with you.
When you cry, or when I hear the tears in your voice, it already makes my chest hurt.
It's really a strange thing, because really, I've never been like this before.
It gives me both a sad and a happy feeling to say and to admit that you are the person, with your voice, with your smile, and your wonderful personality, that gives me something to strive for.
I've never had a stronger dream than this one! And it makes me happy to know this one isn't going to die anytime soon.

So Happy Birthday, Yesung, Cloud Prince of my singer's dream!
May your 25th birthday be filled with the happy laughter of your family and tears only of joy~!
And may all your future years and birthdays be happier than the last, for you deserve nothing less than that~
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Open for Beta Requests

I figured since I'm such a spelling and grammar freak, I might as well make a post saying that I'm open to beta-ing fics of any sort.

As I'm most well-versed in the Super Junior & DBSK fandoms, I prefer fanfics of those fandoms, but I don't mind beta-ing for other Kpop fandoms too ^^

As writing fanfics is different from reading them, I don't mind beta-ing for fics that are of pairings I don't ship or don't normally read ^^
Even if it's a pairing I dislike, go ahead and throw them at me (I won't mind, really!)

If you want to throw something of the such at me, contact me at bereftsmexsmile (AIM), mochistar@hotmail.com (MSN), or againstmyname@yahoo.com (Yahoo Messenger) =3
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God I haven't posted anything personal in a long time, and I sorely am sorry I did not get to post anything epically grand on Heechul's birthday like I had done with Eeteuk-sshi's...I really am.

Well, here is a post, but for once I really wish I didn't have to post. For this post is rather depressing to me to write, and even more depressing to submit. Here we go...

Some family issues have come up between me and my father (to those few people I've unfortunately poured my anger out to, you guys know and I'm sincerely sorry I was ranting on about my issues to undeserving few. Also, to those that I've been ranting my sob-story to, if you may, please keep what I was rambling about to yourselves) so just to let you guys know, I will probably be on a semi-hiatus to a full-out hiatus due to problems concerning this.

This hiatus will last until August 1-8 at the least, and at the most, I probably will be active again once September rolls around. I will try to be on AIM and LJ as much as I possibly can, but please understand if requests of any kind are not fulfilled as quickly as they should be, or if I'm not active in RPs, or, I hope it doesn't come to this I'm angsting particularly too much the times when I am online. But believe me I have a perfectly legit reason to.

I didn't ask for these ugly problems to come about, and if I could get rid of them with a snap of my fingers, believe me, I would do it without a second's thought. I've gone to hell and back this one year, so please, at least have some pity or sympathy for me? Or at least feel sorry for me?

Again I sorely apologise for the inconvenient semi/full hiatus. I really am sorry! *cries*

With my most dear and sincere apologies and love,